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Top 10 Tips for Spring Cleaning!

Spring has arrived in Perth! It is the perfect time to reorganise your home, and let your house shine. Our window cleaning team has put together the perfect tips for getting your home ready!

  1. Make sure you are prepared to get messy! Get your cleaning products, bin bags, storage containers ready.
  2. Take down one room at a time. This will prevent you from getting too overwhelmed by the area as well as keep you motivated. One messy room is more manageable to clean!
  3. Go through all items and sort them into three piles: KEEP, DONATE and RUBBISH. Drop by your local op shop and give away the items that you no longer need, especially clothes. You will feel good with that load off your back.
  4. Take down curtains and drapes on windows and have them dry cleaned. Steam clean all fabric sofas and wash cushion covers.
  5. Empty all food cupboards, then thoroughly clean the inside. Clear and clean the pantry, disposing any expired products.
  6. Reorganise the refrigerator and freezer, and wipe down the shelvings.
  7. Go through all drawers and storage units, clearing any unused items.
  8. Check your air conditioning to make sure it is dust free and working well in time for the warm weather!
  9. Get your windows cleaned! Doors and gutters will need attention too. Check the drains to make sure they are not blocked. You can get your windows and gutter cleaned with Thistle!
  10.  Lastly, tidy up the garage, and dispose unwanted items!

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