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Why You Can 100% Trust Thistle with Your Windows

When it comes to quality, there’s not even a question: we firmly believe that we offer, hands-down, the most effective residential window cleaning service in all of Perth.

We won’t go into details here. We’ll simply ask you to browse our website, paying particular attention to our testimonials. Instead, what we want to concentrate on, in this blog, is something that’s just as important as work quality: the trust factor.

Most people stick with the same window cleaners for year after year, simply through fear of what might happen if they change. We get it. Changing your window cleaners is a big commitment. After all, you’re trusting these people with your most valuable asset: your home. Damage to windows can both make the whole house look worse and, in the some unfortunate cases, incur significant costs.

Here at Thistle Window Cleaning, we are completely confident in assuring you that you can trust us. Here’s why.

Firstly, we’ve stayed at the forefront of window cleaning technological developments. The most important of these have made the whole job safer, both for us, and for your home. The equipment we’re currently using is highly advanced. It allows us to access even your hardest-to-reach windows and do a great job, all with our feet squarely on the ground. There’s almost never a need for us to trample around on your roofs any more, risking damage to your home.

Secondly, we’re vouched for, to say the least! We carry a whopping $20million-worth of insurance, just in case something does go wrong. On top of that, we’re also police-cleared, meaning we can work on your home at any time, whether you’re in the house or not, whilst still giving you complete peace of mind.

Thirdly, in the highly improbable event that you’re not happy with our work after we’ve left (anything is possible, we suppose!), you still don’t need to despair. We offer an iron-clad 24 hour guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the job we’ve done, just give us a call and we’ll come right back and sort out the issue, within a mere 24 hours.

Finally, we believe that Thistle Window Cleaning offer an unprecedented level of attention to detail. This has come from years of industry experience in residential window cleaning, which has taught us exactly how careful we need to be when cleaning your windows. Just one example of this is that whenever we clean your interior windows, we’ll always cover the work areas and wear shoe coverings, once again ensuring that the risk to your home is as small as possible.

Again, we completely understand why people stay with window cleaners so long. We’re lucky enough to be in that situation ourselves, where many of the good residents of Perth come back to us time and again.

The problem is that you never know what’s out there until you go looking! Not every window cleaning company in Perth offers the same tip-top quality of work as Thistle, unfortunately. You might think you’re getting a decent service, when in reality your windows could be much, much cleaner.

When there’s no risk involved whatsoever – when you hire a window cleaning outfit that you can trust completely, like Thistle Window Cleaning – then there’s no reason not to give it a go. If you agree, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0405755416, or contact us online here.