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Ten Interesting Facts about Glass Windows

Most of you look through a glass everyday. In fact, your very phone screen is made out of glass… if you haven’t notice.

That aside, our window cleaning team placed together some interesting facts about glass.

1. Glass can also be known as liquid sand. Why?

    To get glass, extremely high temperatures are applied to melt sand and all the minerals inside it, making it transparent.

2. The energy saved from recycling one glass bottle can provide power to a 100-watt bulb for almost 4 hours.

3. It takes more than 1 million years for glass to decompose inside dumps and landfills.

4. When glass breaks, the cracks move at the speed of about 3000mph.

5. Despite not producing any glass for five centuries, China is currently the largest producer of glass, controlling 34% of global market.

6. Glass can be dissolved with hydrofluoric acid.

7. September is the officia‘Recycle Glass Month’.

8. Glass is made of super-cooled liquid. The molecules are just moving very, very slowly.

9. Glass is known as the “fourth state of matter” since it’s considered to always be a liquid, but has no solid or gas state

10. One ton of recycled glass saves the energy equivalent to 10 gallons of oil


Now that you learnt how precious your glass can be, you should get them clean!


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