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How important are clean home windows, really?

The short answer to this question is very important. Thistle Window Cleaning wouldn’t have over 15 years experience if window cleaning wasn’t an important part of home ownership! Cleaning the windows of your home shouldn’t be low on your “to do” list; but we understand that the task isn’t always fun.

That’s where we come in! We serve homeowners in Dalkeith, Cottesloe, City Beach, Applecross and many surrounding areas, keeping their windows shining year after year.

But why is it important to clean your home’s windows regularly? There are a few reasons, and some of them may surprise you! One thing to remember is that your windows aren’t just for looking out at the world outside – they’re to let in sunshine and light as well! Dirt and grime can gather on your window glass without you realizing how much has actually gathered – we just simply don’t notice! That lack of light and sunshine can actually have a negative impact on your home ambiance, not to mention the way it looks to visitors.

Here are a few other reasons to hire Thistle Window Cleaning to make that glass shine:

  • Professional window cleaning is more effective than DIY window cleaning. Let’s face it, we’re all experts in something, and more than likely, if you’re looking for a window cleaner, you’re not a professional window cleaner yourself. Regular glass cleaner and towels won’t get your windows as clean as Thistle Window Cleaning can. We utilize specialized products and tools to ensure that the type of glass used on YOUR windows is treated the way it should be treated. Not all glass types are created equal, after all! You can also count on us to lessen or completely remove stains – stains that you wouldn’t be able to remove with standard glass cleaner.
  • Safety! Window washing is not an easy job! Especially here – we see windows in crazy hard to reach places. Most homeowners do not have the tools necessary to access these windows safely, and the last thing you want is a broken leg or other injury that could’ve been easily avoided!
  • Overall home quality: we all know the term “curb appeal”. When your windows are dirty, your curb appeal falls. Even if you aren’t selling your home, you still want your exterior to be as perfect as the interior, and that means clean windows from Thistle Window Cleaning!

While there isn’t a recommended frequency to having your windows professionally clean, remember that maintenance is important! Making window cleaning a regular part of your home ownership routine will have more benefits that you can imagine!

Give Thistle Window Cleaning a call today to schedule your appointment. Remember, we offer a 100% guarantee with all our work so you can be confident in a fantastic result.

We service the Dalkeith, Cottesloe, City Beach and Applecross areas, and everywhere in between, and will love to be your window cleaners. Let us show you what we can do!