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Make the eyes of your home sparkle for spring!

Most of us take pride in keeping our houses neat, tidy, and clean enough to pass the “white glove treatment”. However, sometimes, we overlook the biggest part of our home – our windows! No worries – Thistle Window Cleaning has the answer. We proudly serve the areas of Dalkeith, Cottesloe, City Beach, and Applecross, and leave clean windows in our wake.

I know cleaning windows is not the most exciting, or fun chore in the world. Once the inside is clean, how do you reach the outside, and what if you have a second story? You might not relish the idea of climbing a ladder with a bucket of soapy water to clean windows! Thistle Window Cleaning takes the work out of this hassle for you. With over 15 years of window cleaning experience, we provide fast, reliable and top quality services – all at a cost that won’t break the bank.

But why choose Thistle Window Cleaning? Here are a few reasons:

  • We have 15 years experience in window cleaning and have worked with (and cleaned!) any type of glass you can imagine. We know what needs to be done to get all types of windows clean, and we will use the right treatment for your home.
  • We respect your home. We always wear foot coverings and lay towels over the floor of our working area. We understand that you are trusting us to come into your home and perform a service, and we want to ensure that your house is just as clean when we leave as it was when we arrived. No puddles, no left over cleaning rags, just sparkling windows.
  • We are police checked and fully insured. No need to worry about us cleaning your high windows or breaking something in your home. Mainly because we’re trained professionals with the highest safety standards in the industry, but also because we’re covered by our own insurance should an accident happen. You can rest assured that we take every precaution to keep your home, and ourselves, safe.
  • We work quickly and efficiently. There’s nothing worse than a technician in your home for hours on end. At Thistle Window Cleaning, we get in and get out – all while providing the best window cleaning service in City Beach and surrounding areas! If you’d rather us clean your windows while you’re not home, we offer that service as well! And you can rest assured because we’re police cleared.
  • Or prices are extremely competitive. We offer a high end service for a low service rate. We’re happy to provide a quote!
  • We can reach places other window washers can’t! You may have heard it before – “your windows are awkwardly placed, we can’t reach them…” but fear not – with our experience and equipment, we can reach nearly every hard to reach window and glass.

There are many more reasons to hire the window cleaners at Thistle Window Cleaning than just the six mentioned here, but we’d run out of room if we listed them all!

The main thing to remember is that the inside of your house is clean – your windows need to be cleaned regularly as well! You’ll be surprised by the difference several clean panes of glass can make to the appearance of a home  – and why would you settle for anything less for your house?

Call us today to schedule your window cleaning! Remember, we serve several areas in Western Australia including Applecross, Dalkeith, Cottesloe, and all surrounding areas! We look forward to working with you to show you how Thistle Window Cleaning makes window cleaning different.