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Perth Businesses Need to Re-Prioritize Window Cleaning

Did you know that if Western Australia was its own separate country, it would be one of the 50 biggest economies in the world? Pretty cool! And, of course, there’s no doubting that – as the capital and biggest city – the economic powerhouse of Perth drives the entire state forward.

Simply put, that means there’s a heck of a lot of businesses operating, and making money, in Perth today. In turn, that means there’s a lot of smart businesspeople. To stand out from the crowd, you’ve got to take any edge you can. Well, for our money, one of the most overlooked edges out there to be gained is having clean windows.

We’ve been carrying out commercial window cleaning in Perth for a long time now – around 15 years, in fact – and we’re constantly surprised by how much businesspeople undervalue the importance of having clean windows. It still baffles us, to this day!

Whether consciously or not, windows are one of the first things that newcomers will notice about your premises; it doesn’t matter whether you run an office, a restaurant or a car showroom. Lovely, clean, spic-and-span windows immediately project an air of professionalism and hygiene, instantly giving the customer or client a great first impression.

By contrast, dirty windows have very much the opposite effect. We hate to say it, but it’s the truth: they’ll make those first-time visitors view you as unprofessional, and certainly not someone with whom they’d like to do business. If you’re running something like an office, you could be costing yourself a whole lot of money by putting off some big clients. In service industries – for café and restaurant owners, for example – dirty windows are a guaranteed way to make your premises seem unhygienic, and stop customers trying out your offerings in the first place.

This first impression could be completely unfair. In fact, we’re sure it is! Really, you’re probably a hard-working and conscientious business owner. If you’ve neglected booking an appointment with a commercial window cleaning company in Perth, however, or if you’ve simply been leaving it too long between appointments, then unfortunately this is the impression your dirty windows give out!

We get it. Smart business owners trim costs wherever they can, in order to maximize their profits. Commercial window cleaning, unfortunately, is one area which is often sacrificed for this reason, but really, really shouldn’t be. When compared to the profits that are there to be made from creating a great first impression, the cost of this service is actually minimal.

If we’ve managed to persuade you to prioritize, or re-prioritize, the cleaning of your windows, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re proven, experienced, and genuinely passionate about what we do. You won’t find a more reliable commercial window cleaning outfit working in Perth today.

To contact Thistle Window Cleaning, simply call 0405755416 now. Alternatively, you can message us online here. Either way, we hope to hear from you soon, and we look forward to helping your business become more successful than ever before!