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Best Home Window Cleaning Service City Beach

How Thistle Window Cleaning Provides the Best Residential Window Cleaning in City Beach

We are highly experienced

As a homeowner, the decision to hire someone to work on your home is not one made lightly. You need to know that they are trustworthy and up to the task. Thistle Window Cleaning provides the best window cleaning in City Beach and we have the evidence to prove it. We post reviews from our customers straight to our website, which exemplifies the high levels of customer satisfaction that we pride ourselves on. If the reviews aren’t enough to convince you of our expertise, our owner-operator, Paul, has over 15 years of experience in the window cleaning industry and has serviced both residential and commercial properties. He would not be able to produce work worthy of the reviews we receive if he did not have high levels of experience, expertise and professionalism.

We respect our customers’ homes

Prior to starting a job, we hear from many customers that are worried about the mess that window cleaning can cause. Because we understand that some customers may have had bad experiences with other window cleaning companies in the past, we want to guarantee that they are safe with us. To ensure that we leave no mess when servicing the interior of your home, we always cover our work areas with tarps or towels and make sure that we wear shoe coverings.

We provide free estimates

Being honest and upfront with our customers is of the utmost importance to us at Thistle Window Cleaning. Providing the best window cleaning in City Beach means that not only must we provide high quality services, but also high quality customer service. We hope to instill trust in our customers by offering to provide free estimates and emailing quotes, rather than pressure customers into accepting a quote while we are still at their home. We aim to provide high quality services while making you feel valued as a customer and never uncomfortable.

We have a 7 day guarantee

Do you desperately need your windows cleaned but are worried about the weather? Although spring in City Beach tends to be warm and sunny, every once in a while there is the unexpected rain storm. We don’t want the weather to hinder you from getting the window cleaning services you so desperately need. For this reason, we will return to clean glass for free if it is ruined by weather within a 7 day period.

We use the best and newest window cleaning tools and techniques

When the owner of a window cleaning company has been in business for as long as Paul has, he has seen everything. The tools and techniques used to clean windows has changed drastically over the last decade and a half. Like everything else, this industry is rapidly evolving with the introduction of new technology. However, the only way to stay in business for this long is to be able to quickly adapt to change. Thistle Window Cleaning provides the best window cleaning in City Beach because we are constantly researching new tools and products and adopting up-to-date window cleaning techniques. For example, we have implemented the use of the water-fed pole system to guarantee a streak-free, professional window clean.

Our years of experience, dedication to 100% customer satisfaction and adaptability within a rapidly changing industry has allowed us to become the #1 choice for window cleaning in City Beach. Give us a call today to book your free estimate!