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Reliable Commercial Window Cleaner Perth WA

Thistle Window Cleaning is the #1 window cleaner in Perth and the surrounding areas. We have been cleaning the windows of both residential and commercial properties for almost two decades, including some of the leading shops, cafes and restaurants in Perth.

Over the past 15 years, our client list has been steadily increasing, which means that not only are we gaining in popularity but in experience. We did not get to where we are today by only making ourselves available when it was convenient for us. Thistle Window Cleaning guarantees high quality and reliable service all year round. For commercial properties, this is an incredibly important factor. Having clean windows year round is imperative when you own a shop, cafe or restaurant, as you always need to be presentable and welcoming for customers. As a business, you most likely would prefer working with companies who share your values; hard work, determination and reliability.

If you are in the market for a professional window cleaner, look no further! Thistle Window Cleaning is the perfect fit for all of your commercial window cleaning needs. But what are the benefits of hiring a window cleaner that can provide reliable service year round?

We have specialized window cleaning products and tools

Maybe you own a commercial property in Perth and are wondering what the benefits are of cleaning your windows regularly. You may think that, surely you only need to clean your windows professionally once or twice per year and can take care of the maintenance yourself.

Unfortunately, many businesses share this misconception and it can be detrimental for several reasons. You may think that you have the products and tools to efficiently clean your windows yourself, but do you really? A major benefit to hiring a professional window cleaner, particularly one like Thistle Window Cleaning who specializes in cleaning commercial windows, is that we are guaranteed to have the best window cleaning products and tools on the market.

If you clean your windows yourself, you most likely resort to the traditional method of window cleaning with a rag or paper towels and a simple window cleaning solution that comes in a spray bottle. While this may be efficient for small smudges, it is not powerful enough to guarantee sparkling windows. When we service your commercial property, we bring the best products available and we also bring specialized window cleaning tools that allow us to reach areas that you are unable to clean.

We are insured

When you clean your own shop front windows, who is responsible if you damage the glass? Most likely, the answer is you. However, Thistle Window Cleaning is fully insured year round for $20 million dollars. Although we are highly trained to avoid any window damage, we have insurance that would cover all costs of damage should something go wrong. Hiring a fully insured professional window cleaner gives you peace of mind to use our services year round to maintain your sparkling windows.

Now that you understand the benefits of hiring a professional who provides regular and reliable service year round, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give Thistle Window Cleaning a call today!